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Small Box Trees

Own a beautiful plumeria tree without having to wait for years.
Drought Resistant Tropical


Plumerias are slow growing tropical trees that are drought tolerant. Plumeria go dormant during the winter months and require no additional water other than what nature provides.

Different Sizes and Shapes


Plumerias grow in all different shapes and sizes. It is important that the planting location will accomodate the size and shape of the plant selected. One of our specialists can help you select the proper tree for your location.

Touch of Paradise



Plumerias make a beautiful addition to any landscape theme. Applicable for both home and office landscaping needs, plumerias are often the center piece of any botanical display. 

24" Box Tree Inventory 2024

Updated: July 10th 2024

Average Age 6 years 

Average Height 5 Feet

Prices Start $400


Kaneohe Sunburst

Hilo Beauty

Royal Hawaiian

Indonesian Red

Indonesian Pink

Black Tiger

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