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Potted Plants

Outdoor Potted Plumerias make for a wonderful addition to drought tolerant landscaping.
They can be arranged for entertaining or moved creating a new look at anytime.
Our plants have been trained to grow in an upright position. 
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15 Gallon Potted Plants
Average age 3-4 years
Heights to 5 feet

Price start $225

These plants can be large and usually require a pickup truck or SUV to transport.

7 Gallon Potted Plants
Average age 2-3 years
Heights to 3 feet


Price starts $125

These plants have several branches and are well rooted in the pot. Most plants will fit in an SUV.

Delivery Available

We can deliver 15 Gallon Plants and Box Trees in covered box trucks

Free delivery for purchases over $1200

15 gallon plants delivered $125 up to 50 miles

Box trees delivered $200 up to 50 miles

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